Monday, September 3, 2007

Why do I keep doing this?

Even with all this help,
I keep starting things.

Everlasting Bagstopper (1)
Something Red
Frost Flowers & Leaves
Sock Club Socks
Everlasting Bagstopper (2)

Pattern: Everlasting Bagstopper from Knitty
Yarn: leftover cotton washrag yarn, lion brand, peaches & creme, sugar & creme
Needles: denise 6s 11s and 8s as well as double point 8s
I really like using one 11 and one 8 to make the openwork portion of the bag, it doesn't hurt the hands as much.

I braided 3 I-cords to make the handle, it is too short but a cool idea that I'm going to use on the second one. The handle doesn't stretch that much and is really sturdy as well as neat looking.

Pattern: Something Red by Wendy of knitandtonic
Yarn: Blue Sky Cotton
Needles: denise 7s
This is the softest cotton, but it is still cotton and gets to be hard on my hands after a while. I've made another pattern of Wendy's and loved the construction and total lack of seaming. The color is the exact one used in the original pattern.

Pattern: Frost Flowers and Leaves from A Gathering of Lace
Yarn: Jagger cone 2/8
Needles: Addi lace turbo 4s, Knitpicks 4s I had to get the knitpicks needles because I ran out of space on the addi's. This pattern is incredible. I'm on the second repeat of the second chart and each round is taking around an hour but I am still loving it. It is all consuming and the only thing I want to be knitting right now. This is going to be huge.

Pattern: Summer of Love Socks, August Sock Club pattern from Blue Moon
Yarn: Blue Moon lightweight in Flower Power
Needles: 1s
I've made one cuff, blocked it and then have done nothing at all with these. The yarn is awesome, the pattern is interesting and different, but I want to finish a pair of socks that I started in March before I get back to working on these.

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