Sunday, July 15, 2007

Waiting Impatiently

Jim should be home from work any minute now. As soon as he is here we are loading up and driving up north for a week at my parents. I've been packed for 3 hours and I believe I have enough knitting with me to survive for several months.

Here's what I've got:

1. Central Park Hoodie that is about 65% done. I've got the back and fronts done and the sleeves started. All that is left is the rest of the sleeves and the hood. I should be easily able to finish this, especially since I want to wear it up there where it is occasionally cold.

2. Yarn for Cochella.

3. Lots of sock yarn.

4. Lots of cotton to make up my own pattern for a shopping bag that will have no seaming. All of the online patterns I've seen have some kind of seaming and with an openwork cotton bag that is too much of a pain in my ass.

5. Yarn for Calorimetry. I want to do this in a Noro cotton that I can't remember the name of right now. I've seen one done in this and loved it. I read all the entries on Ravelry about it and am thinking I will definitely cast on fewer stitches.

I totally had to stop myself from taking the yarn for this and this. I know I won't find the time amidst all the relaxing to even likely finish my CPH.

I'm getting antsy so I think I'll go and wind yarn to occupy myself.

Monday, July 2, 2007

I spent less than I expected!

Yesterday I went to a knitters meet up at Threadbear in Lansing. I bought some Karabella Aurora 8 to make Cochella from Knitty as well as some lilac purple lace weight to make something lacy to be decided later. I still haven't decided what yarn to make the Mystery Stole 3 in. They had some Malabrigo lace weight but not in any colors that seemed appropriate based on the clue.Sarahlou and Kelli
Erin and Karen

I had a great time knitting and hanging out with Kelli, Saralou, Karen, Erin, Sarah and Renee. They are all making some very beautiful things. Later on, Kelli and I went to Old Town to join Erin to again knit, just this time with Annie her dog. (I so thought I took a picture of Annie.. darn.)

The picture of the waterfall is taken from atop a fish ladder. I don't think I'd been near a fish ladder in at least 20 years. I remember some trip to Grand Rapids with Grandpa to look at flooding and I think furniture or grandfather clocks. Anyway, there also was a nice river walk in Old Town Lansing, going under a bridge which we got to from a terrifying metal spiral staircase. I'm definitely dragging Jim back there. Not only is there a lot of cool shops in that area, but there is also a huge pet store which Jim will likely love. For Cochella based on Saralou's recommendation or it can be considered copying of a cool idea.

Next time: Progress shots of the Central Park Hoodie