Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cats in Skirts

One of my favorite blogs ever is having a contest and I HAVE to enter. This requires a Plan of Action to be outlined, then executed.

1. Find sweater/skirt
2. Find cat1, cat2 & cat3
3. Put skirt on cats
4. Run fast taking pictures
5. Maniacal laughter (step 5 can be out of order)
6. Enter contest
7. Blog about it here

OK that is the plan, now onto execution.
I found the "sweater" and a couple of cats, then went all fancy and actually wove in the ends of the "sweater."
Cat 1 and Cat 2 were easy to find and the first photo shoot was accomplished with a minimum of whining and more an attitude of inevitability and a hope that I would get it over with quickly and leave them alone to poop and sleep.
4 minutes elapsed time

Cat 3 is hiding, not because of his upcoming modeling career, but because he stunk up the front closet and I believe is ashamed of himself. I must remember to light a candle after the photo shoot is completed.
20 minutes elapsed-still can't find cat 3
25 minutes- found cat 3, he is 2 feet above my head on a shelf. I must now contemplate alternative extraction methods because my first idea is unworkable (tall husband at work for another hour).

First idea: shake food jug- nope
Second idea: move canned cat food around- nope
Third idea: open can of cat food- yup roasted salmon with wild rice worked like a charm

30 minutes
Now I must isolate Cat 3 and remove him from the food area
31 minutes
Fashion photography completed, with only mild clawing and major whining of the third model. There was also some running and chasing by both the photographer and the model.


Azriel is resigned yet ornery.

Lucretia is starting to make the unhappy noise.

Lucretia believes that the fit and colors do not flatter her, she request something pink or blue to go with her eyes.

Kelvin is running, yowling, tripping, falling and trying to get to the salmon all at the same time.

This was even more fun than I expected.


Bertha said...

Oh god, that was hilarious! (found you on the Yarnival, btw!) Good luck with the contest!

orata said...

Ohhhh, hilarious! I like the picture of Kelvin the best. Poor kitties.

TheBlackSheep said...

Hee hee! The phrase We Are Not Amused comes to mind. Poor kitties. Would it console them to kow that they've entertained lots of people?

Probably not, but you could try, right?

Funnily enough I tried a dog sweater on my cat recently and was able to photograph because she froze. Not. Moving. Inthisthing. Ever.

Thanks for the amusement!

Susan Pandorf said...


OMG, somebody get me a tissue. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying...