Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back from Brimley

We've been back for almost a month and I don't know what's in the air, if it is the heat and humidity or a long summer or if Mars in the cusp of Venus, but whatever it is everything and almost everyone is in an odd mood lately or had horrible tragedy or something and its driving me batty.

People are freaking out about weird things too. The whole muggles and ravelry, us vs them strikes me as absolutely ridiculous. The knitbloggers will know what this means, and funnily enough saying just that furthers the whole problem don't ya think?

I'm done with dwelling on it. Onto fun nice things that make me happy and don't make me want to sit on the bed and listen to The Cure and The Smiths and mope. (I'll just listen to them anyway and not mope, I've had enough of it)

First the knitting:
I finished the Central Park Hoodie and love it. I found buttons yesterday at surprisingly JoAnn Fabrics in Pontiac that look both the exact same purple color as well have a tint of brown and a little iridescent scroll image on them. I had thought that I would want either toggle or leather buttons and would have to go online to find ones I liked enough. Also if anyone has found any good online button retailers please share them with me and I'll post any suggestions.
I will post a modeled picture after the sun comes out which I believe will be in 2 or 3 days.

Calling all internets: should it take 5 minutes for blogger to upload a photo?

Back to knitting content.
Coachella was a bust, literally. I got to the part where you can try it on and see if its working and the cowl drooped all the way to my navel. So it is frogged and already rewound into yarn cakes and back in its plastic baggie waiting for me to come up with a better use for it.

Insert wonderful phone call from mom here. Which went:

Mom: Hey Nia I'm at the fabric and yarn store in Paradise and they have this yarn with fur for 75% off do you want any?
Me: What do you mean fur?
Mom: It says merino and possum.
Me: What is it called?
- 5 minutes in which I talk to mom and the store lady who tells me the brand name and fiber content and yardage and verifies that it is not fun fur and then a couple of minutes of searching on ravelry and google and now I'm the proud owner of at least a sweaters worth of Purple Possum Yarn and some others that she liked. Woo Hoo.
Also anyone who reads this and knows my mother also knows that she will call back at least once in less than 10 minutes with something else she found in the store.
First Call:
Mom: Do you know that they have knitting needles that light up?
Me: Yes mom, but I don't want any.

I'm still waiting here with all search windows open for the next phone call.

Second call:
Mom: Hey, Nia I'm in the woods.... dropped

Third call:
Mom: Hey, Nia I got the yarn and am heading home. I'll give it to you at Ava's birthday.
Me: Ok, don't let Jim see it.

Onto Vacation:
I had a really good time if I block out the unhappy return Bridge ride. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

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Michelle said...

haha i stole the vacation pics.. :P oh and i can't wait to see the hoodie all finished.. it looks awesome so far!! and i want to make the sweater on the cover of interweave sooooooo badly...